For many people, traveling out to grocery stores is not an easy task. One group of women in Venice is using their skills and time to help out those in need. 

The non-profit organization known as Row Venice is made up of 15 female rowers who are dedicated to preserving traditional Venetian culture.

These days, they’ve also dedicated themselves to another task; delivering food to the elderly. 

With the supply chain heavily effected, the rowers are transporting loads of food and goods throughout the city using their gondolas; all for free.

“We offer an ecological transportation solution, lending a hand in this difficult time as we return to the origins of the city itself,” they said.

They have also partnered with local farmhouses who don’t have boats of their own, opening up a source of income for the heavily impacted businesses. 

“We were more than happy to volunteer our boats and crews to lend a hand,” they wrote on Instagram. “We hope this is a reminder to everyone of the alternatives Venice has for transportation of both goods (and people!), even after this crisis has passed.”

Way to go ladies!