In honor of Mother’s Day (which is this Sunday!), we decided to highlight an awesome Mom’s budding business that all started with one tweet from her 28-year-old son. 

Maria Trezza, 56, is a lunchroom and playground aid at a school in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

Due to nationwide school closures, she’s been a little down and out as of late. The idea for her business came from a picture she saw on Facebook of a mini picnic table. 

Maria told her neighbor Rob about how “cute this little table was” and he surprised her by making one for her two days later.

“I decorated it with a little tablecloth and little flowers, and I posted it to Facebook and people were like, ‘I want one!'” Maria said. So, she convinced Rob to make a few more to sell to her friends.

In a few weeks, she’s sold over 150 tables, splitting the profits with Rob.

She’s had so many requests from around the country that her son is looking into shipping logistics and website design. 

Right now the tables are only available for local pickup, but we’ll be sure to update you when they become more widely available.