The $1 billion dollar proposal, known as project Gemini, received final government approval on Monday. The impressive 11-mile solar panel expanse will sit about 30 miles Northeast of Las Vegas. 

If you’ve never been, we can tell you from experience that Las Vegas is pretty sunny. In fact, it averages over 210 days of sun a year. 

Project Gemini will produce 690 megawatts of electricity — enough to power 260,000 households — and annually offset the greenhouse emissions of over 80,000 cars.

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It will create about 2,000 direct and indirect jobs and inject an estimated $712.5 million in the economy according to Interior Secretary David Bernhardt. 

This is the second bit of good news for alternative energy this week, as renewable energy production recently surpassed coal for more than an entire month

There are no signs of it slowing down either. Several solar projects are being advanced on Federal lands as we speak.

The states are pushing forward as well with California committed to zero-emission electricity by 2045, and Nevada seeking to generate half of its power from renewable sources by 2030.

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