Edmonton International Airport and Alpin Sun are working on a project to develop a truly massive solar farm. 

Dubbed Airport City Solar, the project will be a 627-acre (about 450 football fields), 120-megawatt solar farm on what is now a canola field on the west side of the airport property. 

The solar farm will be the largest at an airport anywhere in the world with over 340,000 solar panels.

“It’s a great opportunity to drive economic development as well as be better for the environment,” Myron Keehn, vice-president of commercial development and air service told CBC News.

He added “We’re really excited that Alpin Sun has chosen Edmonton and the airport to do it. It’s a great location. We’ve got lots of land, we’re geographically located north, which is great for us, because it allows us to have great hours of sunlight.”

Once up and running, the facility will provide renewable power for around 28,000 homes. 

Renewable energy projects continue to grow more prevalent and more large scale

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