A very happy mother in Italy won an original Picasso painting last Wednesday, worth over $1 million dollars. 

Claudia Borgogno received a raffle ticket as a gift from her son. Little did she know that that one raffle ticket would turn into Picasso’s 1921 still-life “Nature Morte.”

“I have never won anything before!” the 58-year-winner told the Associated Press, “It’s been incredible!”

Her son, Lorenzo Naso said “It was a pretty awful period for us during this lockdown and now it’s great news.”

“It was maybe the best decision of my life,” he added. 

The raffle was held as a part of a charity auction in partnership with the Picasso Estate. Donations totaled over $5 Million and the money will be used to provide clean drinking water and renovate facilities in Cameroon, Madagascar, and Morocco.

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