There’s nothing worse than mushy produce. 

On Tuesday, we sent out our list of favorite non-perishables. Another good way to limit your trips to the grocery store (and to avoid that guy in the scuba mask we mentioned) is to keep your produce fresh!

Here’s 3 quick tips to keep your produce fresher, longer!

Shake it off

Washing your produce should be the first thing you do once you get it home. But, too much moisture in the fridge will fast track you to a moldy mess. 

Make sure you shake off all the excess water, keeping just enough to get some nice humidity going. If you still find your goods are getting mushy, go the extra mile and dry off the produce before storing it. 

If you don’t know what items should be going in the fridge in the first place, we got you, check out this list here

Keep the gassy ones separate 

That’s right, we said gassy. 

Some fruits and vegetables — like apples, ripe bananas, pears, and potatoes — produce a gas called ethylene that accelerates the ripening process of other fruits and vegetables.

Make them excuse themselves to a secluded cabinet or bag. 

Ripe? Cool it. 

Once fruits (and some veggies) hit prime ripeness, toss ‘em in the fridge. This works perfectly for things like pineapple and melon that need to be at room temperature to ripen. 

This is a temporary solution, but it’ll but you an extra couple of days on that perfect avocado. 

We also suggest keeping all your citrus in the fridge as well. A bowl of lemons looks nice on the counter, but they’ll last almost double as long in the cold.