Last Thursday, the aviation company MagniX flew right into the history books.

Their Cessna Grand Caravan Seaplane was the largest all-electric aircraft to ever take flight. 

Departing from Moses Lake, Washington, the plane flew around for 30 minutes before returning safely without using a single drop of fuel.

The electric seaplane is working towards obtaining certification to ferry passengers around British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.

Instead of burning aviation fuel, which is extremely expensive and contributes heavily to climate change, MagniX’s seaplane is powered by lithium-ion batteries. 

With the current battery technology, the seaplane would only have a range of about 100 miles. However, operating costs would be lowered by as much as 70%

This project marks a huge milestone for battery-powered aviation. The proof of concept will spur some massive growth in the coming years. 

Roei Ganzarski, the CEO of MagniX, said the company believes all flights of less than 1,000 miles will be completely electric in 15 years’ time.