12 Instant Ways to Practice Gratitude

gratitude will equate to more happiness

Pause right now.

This moment is something to be thankful for. A quick pause right now to say what you’re thankful for is the best way to start. Being alive is a gift.

Send a text.

Reach out to someone and brighten up their day. Make sure to include the ‘why’ you’re sending the text. Is the person beautiful? If so, what makes that person beautiful? Get specific. The compliment hits harder.

Thank a former teacher.

Has there been a teacher in your life that has really helped you out? Reach out and let them know. Just say thank you for that thing. It could change their whole day.

Stretch your fingers.

Give each one of your fingers a stretch. Say something you’re thankful for while stretching each finger. This can be more challenging than it sounds!

Take a walk.

There’s many people who are not capable of walking. A broken foot, injured toe, leg, or back pain can prevent this from happening comfortably. Walking is something that is taken for granted until you lose the ability. Go for a walk and say thanks.

Do a body scan.

Start from your toes and take inventory of your body and everything you have to be thankful for. A human body is something to marvel at. Recognize that it can be taken away in a flash. And no matter how your body looks, it’s better than not having one. It’s something to be thankful for. 

Thank yourself for seeing.

There’s millions of people in the world that are blind. Close your eyes and imagine you couldn’t see anymore. Then open your eyes and say thanks for seeing. 

Take inventory of the clothes you are wearing.

Where did you get your clothes from and how? Do any items that you’re wearing bring you joy? Do you have any idea who created your clothes? These are all things to be grateful for. 

When was the last time you showered?

Ever watch an episode of ‘Survivor’ — one of the prizes you win is a hot shower. If you have a hot shower — it is something to be thankful for. 

Write a review.

Have you gone to a restaurant or store that has been a great experience. Did the barista at the coffee shop do a fantastic job? Open up google and write them a positive review! It will make their day better and they could do something nice for something else. The residuals of a positive review cannot be measured!

Take 3 deep breaths.

Some people do not have the energy to fill up their lungs with air. If you do, pause, and take 3 deep breaths. It will make you feel better.

Stand up and straighten your posture

This can instantly change your whole mood. It’s scientifically proven that posture is related to happiness. If you’re feeling weak, your posture may be the problem. Straighten your back and shoulders and look up and smile. It will relieve some stress. It’s science.

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