We’re nearly halfway through the year and 2020 has been…difficult.

It seems like every time we open social media or turn on the news that we are bombarded with negativity. 

But what are the global trends? Is the world getting worse or better? Today, we wanted to share some of the positive things that we’ve seen happening this year. 




  • The UK surpassed two straight months without using power from coal plants, the country’s longest stretch since its 19th-century industrial revolution.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions are predicted to fall nearly 8% in 2020 – the largest decrease ever.
  • The largest solar project in US history received approval. 


This is just a quick snapshot of some of the uplifting stories that we’ve seen this year. Not to mention the countless stories of humanity, charity, and community that came out of the lockdowns around the world. 

Things are getting better, that much is clear. 2020 is a year of adversity and the only thing for us to do is keep pushing forward. 

“We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” — Maya Angelou

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