The biggest 3D printer in Europe was recently used to design and build an entire 2-story house.

While 3D printing single floor homes isn’t necessarily a new phenomenon, the size and scale of this house make it quite unique. 

The giant gantry printer, which measures 32 feet x 32 feet, was used to print the entire outside shell of the house. 

“The material’s compressive strength is three times greater than that of the conventional quick build brick,” explains Marijke Aerts, the project manager. 

As a result of the printing technology used, the process saves about 60% on materials, time, and budget. 

Click here to watch the giant gantry printer in action. 

3D printing technology has made huge strides this year, from creating life-saving equipment to printing the first floating homes

The technology makes housing more affordable, cuts down on carbon emissions, and lowers the prices of all different types of materials and technology.