The 2,000-year-old Greek shipwreck known as The Peristera is set to become an underwater museum next month.

The sunken ship was discovered in the 1990s and has been the site of archaeological dives for over 20 years. 

Archaeologists believe that The Peristera was an Athenian barge carrying wine in large jugs called amphoras when it sank in the 5th century. Historians say it is the largest ship of its kind ever discovered. 

Although most of the wooden ship was decayed away, thousands of amphoras and a whole slew of marine life can be found at the dive site. 

Experts estimate that we have explored less than 1% of all the shipwrecks in the world. Starting next month the museum will be open to the public through small guided tours. 

Divers, add this one to your post-COVID travel bucket list. 

Click here to check out a video of the wreck.