The popular app Snapchat has announced the launch of an in-app meditation experience in collaboration with Headspace. 

Headspace is another app that offers meditation exercises, sleep coaching, and coping mechanisms for mitigating stress and anxiety. 

The new feature will include expert resources aimed at improving the user’s emotional and physical wellbeing. 

Snapchat’s core user base is largely under 30 years old, an age group that is being disproportionately affected by mental health issues. 

In a statement, Snapchat says that the meditation feature was informed by research conducted last year into how Snapchatters and their friends experience mental health. 

They found that its younger audience base tends to consult their friends first about mental health issues, before their parents.

The science-backed benefits of meditation are well-documented and Snapchat is in the unique position to bring these benefits to its 229 million daily users. 

The feature, which will roll out on Snapchat this week, will include daily meditations and tools for users to check in with their friends about their mental health.