The Swedish company IKEA, who sells over 1 billion meatballs a year, has released a plant-based version of their popular snack, dubbed “Plant Balls.”

The plant-based balls are available now in European stores and will make their US debut in September. 

The new recipe is made with a mix of pea protein, oats, potatoes, onions, and apples and it is vegetarian and vegan friendly. 

Although we haven’t tried them, they reportedly taste just like the originals. 

The meatball switch up is part of a larger picture. IKEA plans to be ”Climate Positive” by 2030

That means they are aiming to reduce more greenhouse gas emissions than they emit.

To accomplish this they have started buying and investing in renewable energy and shifting to electric delivery methods. 

They are also rethinking their business model; starting to rent furniture so they can refurbish, repair, and recycle their goods. 

The plant balls help them move towards this goal; the new product has just 4% of the carbon footprint of its meaty predecessor. 

The plant-based meat industry is rapidly expanding as companies cater to an increased demand for alternative and more climate-friendly food options.