Whipped Tahini Salad Dressing

pictured: whipped tahini salad dressing from Mama’s Bakery Oh, now this is a vegan favorite. Being dairy free leaves the veegs a craving for creamy sauces. The magic whipped thickness of this tahini salad dressing satisfies the urge. I recommend using a blender or food processor for this recipe. That’ll give it a fluffy whipped […]

Baron’s Dolma and Falafel Salad

It’s a low-fat salad that’s built to be a complete meal. The falafel is from the frozen section and is best when cooked in the oven. 50% of this meal is picked from the Salad Bar. It makes it super simple to build such a complex salad. Start by filling up a to-go container with […]

Smoked Tofurkey WordPress Sandwich

This is called a ‘WordPress’ style sandwich because our team had a deep conversation about our WordPress site and it’s feasibility of use compared to other platforms to build websites. The conversation made everyone really hungry. And so we created this sandwich. This is a light, fun sandwich that pairs perfectly with Vegetable Soup and […]