It’s a low-fat salad that’s built to be a complete meal.

The falafel is from the frozen section and is best when cooked in the oven.

50% of this meal is picked from the Salad Bar. It makes it super simple to build such a complex salad. Start by filling up a to-go container with Red Cherry Peppers, Cucumbers. Dolmas, Carrots, Roasted Garlic, and Olives. The medley of flavors will pop out of the bowl.

In your bowl, toss romaine lettuce with Star 25 White Balsamic. Add just enough balsamic that it’s a light coat when mixed all together.

Then add the veggies on top of the salad. Add each veggie on the top of the salad like you’re creating a color wheel. Keep each veggie in its own group. It’ll be aesthetically pleasing when finished.

After adding the veggies, give the dish another light drizzle of balsamic.

Dollop a scoop of basil hummus in the middle of the veggies. Like it’s the spoke of a wheel.

Then plant the cooked falafel on top of the hummus. Put a couple of dolmas next to the falafel like you’re resting chopsticks on the side of your ramen bowl.

Sprinkle with the carved radishes.




25 Star White Balsamic

Basil Hummus (Regular Hummus will work well too)

Frozen Falafel

Salad Bar:

5 Red Cherry Peppers

5 sliced Cucumbers

5 sliced Carrots

5 Roasted Garlic Cloves

5 olives

Tablespoon of carved Radishes

2 Dolmas

Last but not least, say thank you to Baron’s for putting all the ingredients under one roof. Baron’s gave birth to this recipe. Thanks, Baron’s!