Let’s take a deep breath.

We are all experiencing increasing levels of uncertainty, change, and anxiety right now. 

It’s important to remember that we are all on the same team and we’re in this one together. One of the best things we can do when faced with complex uncertainty is to cultivate calmness. Not just for ourselves, but those around us.

Keep sticking to your daily routines and maintaining your practices as best as you can. We’ll be here, pumping you up with the feel-good stories and positive news that is still occurring around the world on the daily. 

In the meantime, here are a few things you can do to help cultivate that calmness when things seem a little hectic.

Disconnect from Technology. While it’s important to stay informed, you need to give your mind space and time to disconnect from the news and reconnect to slower, less reactive experiences. While social media might seem like a good distraction, I think we’ve all seen enough toilet paper memes to last at least a year. 

Connect with the people around you. With people making their best efforts to stay at home, take the time to embrace the human connections around you. Roommates, family members, close friends; use this time to have conversations and practice deep listening with the people you see every day.

Stay curious. Resiliency through times of uncertainty is supported by curiosity, exploration, and learning. Now is a really good time to dive into a new hobby or learn a new skill. If you do spend time connected to technology, use that time for something beneficial!

Fast-moving change can make us feel panicked, lost, and scared. Remember that it’s normal to feel this way and we’ve got your back!

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