Giving back makes us feel good, but right now most of us are strapped for cash. 

That’s where Good Today comes in. 

Good Today is a micro-donation platform that emails you two applicable charities to choose from each morning. 

The donation amounts start at 25¢. You can also opt to pass any day you want. 

Now 25 cents might seem insignificant, but when your multiply that by tens of thousands of people every day, it makes a big difference.

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Studies show that the majority of people genuinely want to help others. 

We’ve also learned that altruism has some surprising benefits to our bodies and minds.

A 2020 study showed that charitable actions can relieve physical pain. 

And decades of research show that helping others can make us happier and healthier

If you can’t swing any donations right now, that’s ok! Check out this list of virtual volunteering opportunities.