Medical scientist Botond Roska has won the Körber Prize for European Science 2020 in Hamburg, Germany for his work towards a cure for blindness. The award also includes a €1 million ($1.18 million) check.

Roska has uncovered a gene-based therapy that reprograms various cells in the human eye. 

The reprogrammed cells can then perform the work of the light-sensitive receptors, which are inactive in most blind patients. 

He says that for the time being, the process creates a level of vision similar to watching television in black and white. 

Clinical tests on blind volunteers are already underway as a result of the researcher’s groundbreaking work.

Roska started his education as a musician; studying cello at Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest.

Following an injury, he decided to pursue medicine and mathematics. A sort of blessing in disguise.