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Experts estimate U.S voter turnout is at the highest percentage since 1900. 

A herd of 100 bison set free on tribal land in South Dakota to help with conservation efforts.

The First ‘milestone’ vaccine for Covid-19 offers 90% protection

Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia partner together on an offshore wind energy project. 

A rope bridge restored a highway through the trees for endangered gibbons monkeys. 

Scientists discovered the first coral reef found in over 120 years and it’s taller than the Eiffel Tower. 

A record number of endangered sea turtles hatch in Mexico

New York’s Strand bookstores received 25,000 orders in one weekend after asking for help. 

See this strange squid filmed in the wild for the first time ever. 

A record-breaking 6 Native candidates were elected to Congress on Tuesday.

Colorado’s new family leave law aims to transform Fatherhood. 

Dad runs a marathon around Akron Children’s Hospital for son with leukemia. 

Finally, this week’s interesting read is regarding female big-game hunters in ancient America.

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