How to Create Gratitude Energy

How to create Gratitude Energy is today’s exercise. As a matter of fact, exercise is the only way you will actually create this energy.

Creating gratitude energy is done by completing exercises.

Just like many things in life, what separates you from others is putting in the work. Gratitude follows the same concept. Work hard at cultivating gratitude and you get rewarded with gratitude energy.

Gratitude energy opens up your heart.

Because we can only truly experience gratitude when our heart is open, gratitude becomes a learned skill that directly opens up our heart.

Open your heart and it opens your mind.

“Become curious about surroundings and connect to the people around you. Be present in the moment.”

We hear this all the time. It’s the feeling you get when you’re experiencing gratitude. This is the exercise that cultivates it.

Complete the exercise below with pen and paper.


  • Date the top right corner of your page
  • Set a Timer for 5 minutes
  • Title the page “I am Grateful For…”
  • Write down your thoughts for 5 minutes.
  • Read your work to yourself or share with a friend (recommended)

Note: It may feel difficult to write down what you’re grateful for, and that’s okay, it’s a part of the practice. We recommend practicing with a friend to get the best results.

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