Can mindfulness relieve stress?

Sometimes, our minds feel like a busy train station. So many thoughts are coming and going that we can’t seem to focus on what’s in front of us. 

These out-of-the-moment episodes compound over time and create a boatload of tension. 

We become disconnected from ourselves, our surroundings, and our everyday tasks. 

And before we know it, we’ve become one big ball of stress. 

Thankfully, we have mindfulness!

Mindfulness is focused awareness on the present; the antidote to disconnection, overthinking, and stress. 

It’s shutting down the busy train station and replacing it with a one-way road. 

Remember, the human brain is conditioned to function in a repeated way. Practicing simple mindfulness techniques over and over trains the brain to adopt it as a permanent pattern.

When you are being truly mindful, you simply can’t focus on the chatter of thoughts constantly arising.  

You have the power to flip the script on how you experience life.

When you focus on the present, fully engage in the moment, you see your daily world in a whole new light. 

That, is how mindfulness can relieve stress.

There are dozens of ways to incorporate mindfulness into your day-to-day routine. 

We recommend starting with one of these practices

If you’re looking for a more in-depth exercise, try our mindfulness challenge.

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