One hardworking preschool teacher is doubling her efforts to provide presents to her students.

Teachers and students are living and learning through a global pandemic. Through the constant changes in structure and regulations, they have continued to carry on as best they can.

Preschool teacher Renee Dixon sees the struggles of her students and their families every day. 

“People who never thought they’d have to go to a food bank and now some of my parents do,” Dixson told the local news

Money that might have gone to buy a few Christmas presents this year is now going to pay the bills. 

“These children, their world just turned upside down on ‘em, no fault of theirs and I know some of them won’t get presents for Christmas,” she says.

For Renee Dixon, that just wasn’t an option. 

Every Friday, when school gets out, Dixon climbs behind the wheel of her car and hits the road, driving Uber clients all weekend long so she can earn money to afford gifts for her students. 

The extra hours worked by the preschool teacher aren’t just so the kids at school can have presents. She wants the teachers who work under her to have something, too. 

“My teachers have been wonderful and I wanted to give them something to say thank you,” Dixson said.

Dixon will be driving until Christmas Eve if that’s what it takes. 

“I always wanted to be that teacher that I never had,” she says, “I have to do this because if I don’t do it for these children, then I let them down,” she said.

Renee Dixon’s story is a true reminder of the spirit of the holidays. We wish her the best of luck and a very merry Christmas to her students. 

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