There’s a lot of things we love behind the Blue Door.

In fact, one day we might just list a whole bunch of them and shoot them right into your inbox to brighten your day.

Let’s focus on two of them today; music and accessibility. 

We may have mentioned that we love to encourage people to utilize creative outlets (sound familiar?) In the last few decades more and more folks are turning to music to to tickle their brains and express their creativity. 

In the past decade the amount of full-time musicians has increased by an astounding 510%. 

That rocks, man. 

Many factors are driving this increase; one of them is the ability to produce music electronically. 

Anyone with a laptop can produce some pretty amazing music with a little practice. There is some really well-made (and free) software out there; try Garageband or Audacity

Now, here’s the best part.

Making music makes you happier. As does listening to it. There are loads of other benefits as well. 

But, these methods of creation aren’t accessible to everyone. There are many of us who don’t possess the technological skills, fine motor skills, or necessary senses required for electronic music production. 

Some bright new companies are changing all that by thinking outside of the box (drum). These teams are tearing down the walls around music creation and building doors to an emerging creative culture.

Sphero Drums has a sweet video showcasing some of the technology we are excited about. 

Check out a few of our other favorites below:


Genki Instruments 


Much of this technology is literally brand new, but the fact is that society is beginning to rethink what it means to be a musician.

Eventually, the ability to compose creatively will be largely accessible, allowing more of us to gain those beat making benefits and spread the love around the world.

And that really rocks. Man.

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