We highly encourage reading. It’s pretty much why we’re here. One thing all readers have in common is we forgot A LOT of what we read. Do you remember what the first words of this paragraph were? 

You totally peeked.

It’s OK, we don’t blame you, it happens to all of us. 

Why is that? What’s happening in our brains when we read and how can we train them to remember more? Research shows that it’s not only how we read that matters, but where we are reading it from.

This study showed that when we read digital text, as opposed to words on paper, we default to skimming the information. With so many screens in our daily lives, this method is becoming the new norm, taking away both the pleasure benefits of reading. 

How do we flip the switch on skimming?

Start by eliminating distractions. If you’re forced to read material on a screen, close all other tabs or apps and work on your muscle of focus. Block off time to just read and do nothing else, even if you only start with 10 minutes at a time. 

Next, practice “active reading.” Take notes, sketch, or have discussions about the text you are reading. This will forge mental connections between what your reading and what you already know, and that is the key to retention.  

These two tricks together will get your attention and memory on the same page.