One of the best ways to improve your mental-diet is reading books. Even if it’s not your favorite activity in the world, I’m sure all of us can think of at least one book that has left a lasting impact on us. 

We understand that being forced to read in school might have left a lasting damper on the way you think about reading, but come on, now you can literally read anything you want. 

Do you want to read more but it just ain’t happening? Follow these three tips you fill your noggin’ with more of the good stuff. 

Use a tracking system. What gets measured gets improved. Tracking progress increases your chances of achieving a goal, so if you want to read more, keep track of your progression. Use Goodreads, or just a simple spreadsheet and watch those numbers shoot up. 

Dedicate time to read every day. Even just 20 minutes. At first, this will feel like a chore, but soon your brain will adopt the habit and you’ll be crushing pages like a boss. 

Don’t like it? Toss it. Not literally. But, you need to prioritize enjoyment in your reading. Stick with whatever piques your interest or curiosity and don’t be afraid to put something down that’s not doing it for you.

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