More plant-based meat coming at ya!

A group of food industry big-wigs launched a new plant-based meat company today called LIVEKINDLY Co. 

Along with producing and selling plant-based and vegan products, the company will also operate as a platform for news, brand information, and industry collaboration. 

Meat production remains a big driver of deforestation and climate change. Consumption of red meat is also linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. A promising way to make alternative meat mainstream is to increase awareness and provide more options; exactly what LIVEKINDLY aims to do. 

The brand boasts a powerhouse team of food industry executives from companies like Nestle and Unilever, which owns brands like Lipton, Hellman’s, and Knorr. 

They have already acquired several plant-based brands including LikeMeat and Puris giving them serious production chain potential. 

With the alternative-meat market expected to grow considerably, this could be the start of a major reform of the food industry as a whole. 

Alt meat is headed mainstream!