Work on a passion project. Got some extra time on your hands? Now is the perfect time to start (or continue) a passion project. Try your hand at painting or drawing, write a short story or work on a novel, make some music (with an instrument or a computer). Try starting a podcast or blog!

Spend some time outside. Even if you live in a city, it’s possible to get outside while still practicing social distancing. If you live on the coast, the beach is usually pretty deserted this time of year, or you can head to the forest and hike some trails. 

Declutter your house. This is especially important if you are spending more time at home. A clean and organized house will benefit you both mentally and physically!

Incorporate kindness and gratitude. Adding in a random act of kindness to your day really changes your outlook, especially in turbulent times. Donate to a charity, compliment someone on social media, or support a friend’s project/endeavor.

Also, make sure to take a few minutes each day and write down the things you are grateful for. You’ll be surprised at all the things that come to mind. 

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