Today, we feature long time Blue Door collaborator and friend, James Winterhalter.

“What a strange feeling this all is right now. March 19 I went down to the beach just 30 minutes after California officially announced The Safer At Home Notice would begin at midnight.

My girlfriend and I watched the sunset from start to finish and I was just thinking to myself — is this the last time we should do this for a while? And how just two weeks ago I was running around with friends….hugging family. 

It’s a sobering moment that reminds us just how important Health and Freedom are. 

And when I looked around it seemed a lot of people were in this same contemplative state. Every person has their own deeply complicated and important storyline within all this.

And then when it got dark we went into our homes. And now we wait.

So I made this quick video about those few hours and about memory. Sharing it because THAT feeling is just so heavy right now it’s palpable. And everyone is experiencing it at the same time.”

Watch the video here.

In this turbulent time of uncertainty, we want to inspire you to create.

It’s not an easy thing to motivate and try something new right now, but we’re going to do our best to get you there. 

We’ll continue sharing creations from within our community; writings, videos, pictures, drawings, paintings, music, poetry….there is no limit. 

If you have something to share or know someone who does, simply email team@bluedoormedia.co with the subject line “Creation.”