Around the world, protective masks are in short supply.

Hopefully, not for long. 

Dozens of companies, from locally-owned clothing designers to mega-huge tech giants are stepping in to fill the overwhelming demand.

  • LA-based design company Breeethe is making reusable masks for the public in an attempt to limit the panic purchasing of disposable masks from overburdened stores
  • Taiwan is donating 100,000 masks to the United States
  • Major tech companies such as Facebook and Apple are donating millions of masks and medical supplies to US healthcare facilities

It’s important to note that the CDC states that you do not need to wear a mask unless you are sick or are caring for someone who is sick. Also, many masks are not medically certified as a defense against Covid-19. 

That being said, masks are still useful in many other ways and offer some people peace of mind. 

If you choose to wear one, please consider purchasing from a company like Breeethe and leave medical masks available for medical professionals. 

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