Not all masks are created equal. 

With the C.D.C considering advising everyone to wear a protective mask while in public, companies have been pumping up production on all fronts.

We recently mentioned LA based designer Breeethe; they are making reusable masks for the public in an attempt to leave medical masks available for healthcare professionals.

College senior Ashley Lawrence noticed that one group, in particular, was being left behind; the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Her masks feature a plastic window over the mouth so that people who use lip reading and American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate are still able to protect themselves during the pandemic.

Lawrence is also designing masks that wrap around the head instead of the ears, so they can be worn by folks with hearing aid devices and implants. 

In less that two days, she has received dozens of orders from six states.

She’s filling them all; for free.

“The biggest thing during this time is if you’re fine, if you’re at home and you’re not working, do something for someone else that will make you feel good and help someone out in the community,” she said.

Way to go Ashley 🙂