Some uplifting news from Down Under; several koalas injured in last year’s tragic Australian bushfires are set to be re-released into the wild. 

The marsupials were treated at the world’s only all-koala hospital, located in the New South Wales town of Port Macquarie.

The rehabilitation team plans for 26 koalas to be returned to their habitat over the course of one week.

Hospital employees carefully considered a mix of koala ages and sexes in order to make for a well-rounded community.

Imagine being an expert on marsupial community standards and societal building. Epic resume builder.

It’s actually very important because the goal is that this first rehabilitated group will breed and grow significantly in the wild.

“While we are all facing difficult and uncertain times, this incredible story of hope serves as a reminder of the resilience of our incredible flora and fauna and people,” Phillipa Harrison, Managing Director of Tourism Australia, said in a statement.

Tourism Australia has set up an online portal stocked with virtual tours, custom Zoom backgrounds, and more information on their animals.