1. Eat your protein 

Proteins are made up of chains of amino acids. One amino acid in particular called tyrosine plays a critical role in the production of dopamine.

Studies show that increasing the amount of tyrosine in the diet can increase dopamine levels in the brain, which may promote deep thinking, improve memory, and contribute to positive emotions. 

Foods that include high amounts of tyrosine include eggs, soy, turkey, and legumes. 

  1. Get flexible: Try Yoga

The ancient practice of Yoga is associated with an impressive list of health benefits

While general exercise is definitely good for you, Yoga specifically has been shown to boost dopamine levels. 

  1. Get good sleep! 

We strongly advocate for everyone to take their sleep very seriously. If you need some motivation to hit the sheets, check out this article here on the importance of sleep.

To add to that list, researchers found that getting enough sleep and sticking to a proper sleeping routine helps to keep dopamine levels high and stable

  1. Listen to Music

Listening to music has the ability to strongly influence your mindset and mood

One study found that music that elicited an emotional response from listeners raised dopamine levels by almost 10%

If you’ve ever gotten “musical goosebumps,” that’s what we’re talking about! 

  1. Meditate

Another hot topic behind the Blue Door, we know that meditation has the ability to physically change your brain (in a really good way!).

Now, we know that meditation is also linked to higher, more stable dopamine levels.

One study showed a 64% increase in dopamine levels after the participants meditated for one hour. 

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