Challenge: One Breath Brake

Challenge brought to you by Reis Paluso

How to do a One Breath Brake:

STEP 1: Take a slow breath through your nose and hold at the top

This brings you into the body as you hold with full lungs. The internal pressure opens up the airways. 

STEP 2: Hold for 4-5 seconds

STEP 3: Exhale through your mouth

STEP 4: Hold your exhale until you feel the urge to breathe

As CO2 starts to build up, you will feel the your body giving the signal of air hunger, not your mind. From there, you take a slow inhale through the nose, soaking up all the built up nitric oxide in the nose, and go back to your normal breath. 

Notice that you have shifted from the mind to the body and feel a sense of calm, connection, and grounding. You can repeat this a couple times or just one and done.

credit: Our Breath Collective

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