Planet Q&A With Danny

A Planet Q&A Session with our in-house Earth science expert!

Last week we challenged our readers to send in some planet-related questions to Danny and you did not disappoint! 

Andrea wrote in with a question about whales, their spouts, and environmental impacts. See her question at the 25-second mark. 

  • Learn more about whales seqestering carbon here

Brian asked about coral reefs and what we can do to save them. Check it out at the 4:30 mark. 

  • Learn more about coral reefs and coral bleaching here
  • List of coral safe sunscreens here
  • Sustainable seafood options here 

Rick and Rose were curious about seahorses and keeping them as pets. See it answered at the 9:30 mark. 

  • Read more about sea horses and aquariums here 

Keep those questions coming!

Click here to ask Danny a question to be featured in next week’s video.

Tune in next week for another Planet Q&A with Danny!

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