Here are your good news planet-based snippets for the week of September 28th, 2020. If you missed last week, check them out here!

Let’s start with some news on the climate change front.

– China, the world’s top emitter of carbon, announced a surprising commitment to become carbon neutral by 2060. 

– Many large-scale corporations including Walmart, BP, Morgan Stanley, Amazon, and Google have recently released comprehensive and ambitious carbon reduction plans. 

– After wildfires have consumed over 3.5 million acres in CA this year, Gov. Newsom signed an order banning sales of new gasoline cars by 2035. 

– Airbus released three concepts for hydrogen-powered airplanes that could come into service as soon as 2035.

– And finally, here is a great article on how the average person can be a part of the transition to clean energy. 

Now, let’s check in on the good old animal kingdom. 

– This beaked whale set a new record by going on a near 4-hour dive. 

– Ringling’s retired circus elephants are moving to a state of the art conservation center. 

– Learn how wildfires have helped these woodpeckers make a comeback

– ‘Hero rat’ wins gold medal from UK charity for hunting landmines.

– Read this incredible story about how a group of loggers helped a group of environmentalists save the Great Bear Rainforest

And finally, as we head into fall…

– Here’s a great article on why leaves change colors

And that wraps up our good news planet edition. Check back next week for more!

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