Let’s take a look at this week’s good news for the planet, for the week of 10/5/20. If you missed last week, check it out here!

Some positivity for the environment:

Tel Aviv is set to become the first city with electric roads that charge public transportation.

Scientists have made huge progress in our ability to clean up oil spills using robots and sponges. 

Electric vehicles are becoming cheaper and more efficient much faster than expected

California’s Joshua Tree becomes the first plant protected due to climate change. 

Plastic straws and single-use cotton swabs banned in England.

And now, let’s check in on the animal kingdom!

Bee populations are rapidly increasing in several states across the country. 

A new study shows that Crows possess higher intelligence that was long thought to be a primarily human attribute. 

Science shows that watching cute animals is good for your health
On that note, here is a 10-minute compilation of cute baby animals.

And to finish it off…

Here’s a slideshow of the best Autumn photographs of the last 10 years. Click the arrows at the top to scroll through!

Thanks for checking out this week’s good news for the planet.

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