It’s a question we ask ourselves and others constantly; how much water should I drink?

You are made up of mostly water; about 60% in fact. 

We know that we need to drink water every day, yet nearly 80% don’t stay adequately hydrated.

That’s a big problem: inadequate hydration can have some serious effects on our bodies.

Even mild dehydration can significantly impair cognition and mental performance, reduce endurance, and negatively affect our mood. 

On the upside, drinking enough water every day has some serious benefits. 

Ok, so drink more water…but how much? 

The not-so-good-news is that there is no magical amount that everyone should drink. Although water gurus might disagree, science has proven that things like the 8-glasses-a-day rule are completely bogus. 

The really-good-news is that you already have a state-of-the-art system for regulating when and how much you drink; your brain. And it turns out that it’s incredibly accurate

For the majority of people out there, this three-step formula will do the trick:

  1. When you’re thirsty, drink.
  2. When you’re not thirsty anymore, stop.
  3. During high heat and exercise, drink more than usual. 

It turns out there are two main reasons so many people are dehydrated; 

  1. We’re distracted (big surprise)
  2. We’re lazy (no offense, we are guilty too!) 

It can be hard to listen to our bodies when we’re doing 10 million things at once. But, it can be done, it just takes some practice. 

This is yet another one of the benefits of doing a mindfulness practice, such as a body scan. 

Taking a moment out of our day and noticing what we feel in the body is a simple yet powerful way to lead a healthier (and more hydrated) life. 

As far as the laziness goes, the simplest remedy is to make sure you have water with you everywhere you go. That way you don’t even have to make that 15 foot walk to the faucet. 


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