Every Wednesday we put together some environmental good news to share all the phenomenal things happening globally in regards to the natural world. If you missed last week, check it out here!

Let’s start by checking in on the climate and pollution. 

– The University of Cambridge raised the bar on fossil fuel divestment for Universities. 

– Device to curb microplastic emissions wins the James Dyson award. 

– Climate litigation is spreading rapidly across the United States. 

– Scientists have derived a “super enzyme” that consumes plastic bottles at a rapid rate. 

– Here’s a great resource for businesses to find sustainable solutions to everyday products called Waste Not

Now, let’s pop over and check in on the animal kingdom

– France has announced new animal welfare laws that outlaw circus animals and other cruel practices. 

– Scientists have discovered that some Blue whales switch up their songs before migrating. 

– Humpback whales in Alaska are enjoying the cruise ship-free waters.

And finally, some news that’s a bit out of this world…

– Researchers have detected a group of lakes hidden under Mars’ icy surface.

– NASA’s new telescope will help astronomers discover free-floating planets.

In conclusion, thanks for tuning into this week’s environmental good news! We’ll see you next week.

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