Here is your good news for the week of October 12th! If you missed last week, check it out here!

– Hepatitis C discoveries win the 2020 Nobel Prize in medicine. 

– A Native American community in Baltimore reclaims its history.

– The best live animal feeds from around the world. 

– Watch a teen and a senior form a beautiful connection

– This Ethiopian-Jewish restaurateur is nourishing bodies and minds with food, art, and music

– This organization is helping women of color pursue a career in aviation

– More than 5.5M people have already voted, over 70 times more than in 2016. 

– How one Nebraska surgeon is fighting patient medical debt with volunteerism. 

– A reassembled, 26-foot-tall statue of the mythological Titan Atlas will be displayed in Italy. 

– Here’s how to unlock the hidden benefits of helping others. 

– Research shows that children and adults need stories of solutions in their lives. 

Thanks for tuning into this week’s good news! Check back next week for more positive vibes.