Here is our Good News of the Week! If you missed last week’s clips, check them out here.

– This senior dog sanctuary is a total paradise for older pups without homes.

– A retiring boss surprised his staff by giving away almost $10 million dollars to full and part-time workers.

– California to study and recommend reparations for Black Americans; the first state to do so. 

– We are one step closer to a cure for MS after drug results show successful nerve repair. 

– Global life expectancy is increasing across all ages, especially among infants and children, per a data analysis published last week.

Jetpack paramedics could soon be used to save the lives of those injured in hard-to-reach places. 

– After being laid off, this Florida man created a sanitizer for shopping carts that could soon be available country-wide. 

– 8-year old’s Loving Library project brings books to lonely patients in hospitals.

– Starlink is bringing the internet to fire-ravaged parts of rural Washington.

– Newlywed couple delivers wedding flowers to people needing a lift in spirits.

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