Concentration Power

Concentration power is our ability to focus on what we deem relevant.

We use our concentration for nearly everything in life. So doesn’t it make sense to improve it?

Using a systematic approach to improving our concentration is the skill that improves all other skills.

The more we improve our concentration, the more relaxed and focused we become. The more relaxed and focused we become, the more we improve our concentration. It’s a positive feedback loop that greatly improves the quality of our life.

The most basic approach to improving our concentration is by following our breath.

Try a test for yourself right now. See if you can pause this reading and follow your breath for 10 complete breath cycles.

A complete inhale and exhale will count as one cycle.

Without changing the cadence of your breath, see if you can follow it for 10 complete cycles.

You may even notice your breath rate slowing down after a few breaths.

See if you can count to 10 without getting distracted.

Do you make it?

It’s okay if you didn’t. Not many people can (without training, of course).

The following exercise can be completed in just a few minutes.

With focus and repetition this exercise can greatly improve your concentration power.