It’s probably not something we think about enough. Self identification. 

Were you unproductive and lazy or was it a well deserved day of rest? How do you look at yourself? Is it important to your overall well-being?

Most of us tend to focus on our flaws when we think about ourselves. That’s natural. 

However, training our brains to self identify in a more positive way can lead to a whole host of benefits, including a longer lifespan and better physiological and physical health. 

Paying close attention to the way you think about yourself on a daily basis also influences your relationships, motivation, goals, what you believe you can achieve and how far you’re willing to push yourself.

So, where to start? Creating new habits is a great way to train your brain to adopt new ways of thinking. Take a look at the graphic above and pick three words that you think describe yourself in a positive way. Write them down and give specific examples of why you chose those specific words.

Rinse and repeat daily and after a week or so see if you notice any changes in your overall mood and well being.

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