Cabin fever is real. 

Most of us have been cooped up for the better part of two weeks. For some of us, it’s been even longer.

If you’re like us, you’re probably feeling a little…stir crazy right about now.

Well, we’ve got good news! You can still get outside while following CDC safety guidelines. 

Here are 5 activities that are safe to do outside. 

Walk it out. The health benefits of walking, both for your body and your mind, are very well researched. This is the most accessible form of getting outside, so it may also be the most popular. Try walking early in the morning, to avoid other pedestrians. When passing someone, do your best to stay at least 6 feet away; but that doesn’t mean you can’t smile and say hi!

Spin your wheels. Whether that’s biking, rollerblading, skateboarding, or scootering. Make sure you bring a bottle of water so you don’t need to stop in and rehydrate somewhere. Also, keep it simple; save those kickflips and bunnyhops for when there’s not a global pandemic happening. 

Gardening. If you have the benefit of having a yard, now is the time to use it! Besides a green thumb, gardening has loads of other benefits

Read or write. Depending on where you live you can still spend time outside without exercising, especially if you have room on your property! Throw down a blanket or a chair and read a good book. If you’ve never tried writing, theres no time like the present! Start a gratitude journal or you can try some cool writing prompts here

When traveling outdoors, it’s always a good idea to bring some hand sanitizer. And when you get home, wash those hands with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds!