The vertical farming industry is trending up. 

If you’re like “what in the world is vertical farming?” click here to learn everything you need to know.

Now, here’s the scoop:

Grocery stores in major cities are struggling to provide enough produce for customers. The problem isn’t necessarily that traditional farms can’t keep up with the demand, in fact in many places billions of dollars of produce are rotting in the fields. 

The disconnect lies in the distribution. The trucking industry is simply overwhelmed. Typically, farmed crops are split between restaurants and grocery stores. With many restaurants either closed or heavily limited, the supply chain is falling apart link by link.

Vertical farms remedy this by possessing a convenient geographic location. They grow crops right in urban areas, close to the stores that need them the most.

The industry is seeing massive surges in demand and, for some companies, business has more than doubled in the past two months. 

This surge could be the beginning of a major shift in how we source our fruits and vegetables.

Only time will tell. 

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