How to Create Effective Habits

How to Create Effective Habits

Habits are your routines that you perform regularly in life. Brushing your teeth, checking your phone, and eating a meal are all habits in your life.

Some habits are subconscious like breathing and keep us alive. And some keep us clean like brushing.

In this article – we’re going to focus on a different kind of habit – one that accomplishes our goals. And leaves us feeling more fulfilled.

How to create effective habits:

STEP 1: Choose a value that’s important to you

STEP 2: Create one goal that you believe you can accomplish

STEP 3: Write down the simplest habit that you could make towards that goal

STEP 4: Set a time and place you’re going to complete the habit. Be clear and Specific.

STEP 5: Schedule a reoccurring habit reminder in your smartphone

If you’d like more help on selecting your habits, take a closer look at How to Set your Goals.