The Power of the Habit: How to Create Effective Habits

habit creation in a notebook

Have you put much thought into the power of the habit?

Habits are your routines that you perform regularly in life. Brushing your teeth, checking your phone, and eating a meal are all habits in your life.

Some habits are subconscious like breathing and keep us alive. And some are conscious decisions like brushing our teeth.

In this article we’re going to focus on a different kind of habit – one that accomplishes our goals.

When we purposely set our habits to lead us towards our goals that fulfill our values – it leaves us feeling more fulfilled. Here’s how to create the power of the habit.

How to create habits:

1: Choose a value that’s important to you

2: Create one goal that you believe you can accomplish

3: Write down the simplest habit that you could make towards that goal

4: Set a time and place you’re going to complete the habit. Be clear and Specific.

5: Schedule a reoccurring habit reminder in your smartphone

A habit is more effective when it is set in stone and there is no negotiation. This is a way of holding yourself accountable when there’s nobody that can do it for you.

You very much become the product of your habits. So in order to make these habits fulfilling it’s best to set goals that fall in line with your values. You wouldn’t want to create to a habit that is going to lead you astray from your goals. And you wouldn’t want to set goals that do not fill your values. This will leave you with the ‘chasing a carrot’ type of fulfillment in life, which we don’t wish upon anyone.

If you enjoyed this article on how to create habits, take a closer look at How to Set your Goals or How to figure out your values. These articles are great tools for you to use in creating a more fulfilling life.

Best of luck!

P.S. if you’d like to learn more about habit setting then check out this book by James Clear. Tell him Blue Door sent you!