For most of us, there is a gap between what we really want and what we actually do. This is a natural part of being human. 

Maybe you want to be in better shape, but cake tastes really good. Or you planned to have a quiet weekend but got invited out to happy hour and couldn’t refuse. 

We know the problem, but what’s the solution? 

Science tells us that our answer is to create new habits. Small ones.

About 50% of our daily actions are made up of habits. 

Therefore, making small changes to the way we live our lives eventually compounds into a complete and total lifestyle change.

The problem is that instead of starting small, we often just toss ourselves completely into a new lifestyle. 

This strategy fails almost 90% of the time and we find ourselves right back where we started.

Studies have shown that willpower doesn’t work this way. In fact, willpower acts like a muscle, one that gets stronger over time. 

This brings us back to the idea of small habits, baby steps. 

Science suggests that the small “victory” of adopting and keeping a new habit builds new neural pathways in the brain. There is also a release of dopamine associated with this victory.

These reactions in the brain strengthen the muscle of willpower and encourage the brain to create and repeat this action. 

Thus, new small habits compound into large lifestyle changes. 

Whatever it is you want to change, accomplish, or create, the answer is clear; start with small habits. 

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