Here is some Thanksgiving good news and examples of goodwill from around the world.

Two dads baked thousands of cookies for frontline workers to enjoy during the holidays

Texas high school opens grocery store for students, families — and it accepts good deeds as payment.

A University of Iowa professor’s offer to cook to-go meals for her students went viral. 

Food for Thought loads up families with Thanksgiving food for the long holiday break.

A browser extension has raised over 1 million dollars for charity — just from people opening new tabs. 

For Thanksgiving Day, Zoom will lift its 40-minute time limit for free meetings.

And here are some interesting Turkey Day reads:

Five ideas to change teaching about Thanksgiving, in classrooms, and at home.

Creative ways to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. 

Tips to boost your mental health during the holidays.

Thanks for tuning into our Thanksgiving Good News. For an amazing story about gratitude, read this.

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