Today we’re going to explore how to set an intention of gratitude to get more out of your daily exercises.

Recently, I joined a new “gym.” It’s a yoga studio with an operating outdoor courtyard and daily classes on breathing, movement, and mindfulness.

Before each class the instructors will give a prompt – to set your intention for the class. Creativity, love, compassion; all examples they give for an intention.

It’s a simple prompt that can be easily overlooked. But I partake.

Gratitude, I tell myself. I want the feeling of gratitude to be with me during the class.

So I set my intention of gratitude for the 1 hour class.

Upon completion of the class, I completely forget about my intention, but the instructor reminds us…

“What was your intention for the class?” the instructor intentionally asks.

I’m now in this powerful state of mind, because I just finished the class, and I’m thinking about my intention I set 1 hour ago.

I feel gratitude.

I’m grateful for my body for completing the exercise. I’m grateful for the instructor for teaching the class. I’m feeling the energy from gratitude.

I set my intention, exercised, and reflected. And boy, it works. It works because intention is a mental state. It’s a mindset. And it involves planning and action to be carried through.

Fortunately, you don’t need to join a yoga studio to set intentions and see results.

Movement is just one form of exercise. Writing and vocalizing are actions that also yield results when setting intentions.

The key is you must take action to see results. The action needs to be an exercise in line with your intention.

If your intention is to be more creative, a writing exercise is a perfect action to take.

When setting an intention to be more empathetic, try reaching out to a friend and vocalizing your appreciation, and understanding to them.