Mindful Walking

Mindful walking is not so different from regular walking. The key is to leave your headphones at home. As often as you can during your walk, simply refocus your attention on your senses. 

Notice what you see, smell, feel, and hear. We don’t normally taste things on our walks, but hey everyone’s different.

The goal is to bring a sense of curiosity to everything that arises in each moment. That helps strengthen that muscle of focus and remain as present as possible. 

Both mindfulness and walking have been linked to improved creativity; combining the two actions could exponentially increase the benefits.


It might sound ridiculous, but study after study shows that shaking your groove thang improves cognition, reduces stress, and alleviates anxiety.

Not to mention it is an intense workout. Bust out the tango for 5 minutes and try telling us otherwise. 

You can take free virtual dance classes, or just throw on your headphones and go crazy for a little while. We won’t tell. 

Use a Fitness Tracker

Chances are that your smartphone already has some version of health tracking built-in. Studies show that people who track their steps walk a mile more on average than those who do not. 

Keeping track and having a goal “gamifies” exercise…who doesn’t love a good game. 

First one to 10,000 steps wins!

Try a Habit Stack

A habit stack is when you attach a new habit to something you already do every day. 

For example, every time you use the bathroom you do 50 jumping jacks. 

Habit stacking is the best way to create a new habit and make it stick!

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