Why are we doing a Friendsgiving Creative Gratitude exercise?

Whether you’re quarantining alone or celebrating with friends or family; there’s still much to be grateful for on Thanksgiving.

You’re alive, for one. You have access to the internet, and education, and clean water, and shelter. The list goes on…

The simple fact about life is, whatever level you take yourself to, you will get used to it.

Lazy gets used to being lazy and workaholics get used to work. 

But why not get used to what you already have? This is the power of a gratitude exercise. 

When you begin a gratitude exercise, it’s actually difficult to write down what you’re thankful for and why. But if it wasn’t a challenge then it wouldn’t be effective. 

You may be thinking… Hey, we don’t want more work to do on Thanksgiving! 

That may be true, but this exercise is specifically designed to be completed before thanksgiving. Think of it like mental food prep. And your dish is designed to make your people laugh!

Without further ado,

Friendsgiving Creative Gratitude Exercise:

  • Step 1: Create two columns by drawing a line down the middle of the paper
  • Step 2: In the left column, write down 5 things thanksgiving related that you are grateful for
  • Step 3: In the right column, individually write down 5 words that have as little in common with the words in the left column
  • Step 4: Start a sentence with “I am grateful for…” then take one word from the left column, and one word from the right column and finish the sentence.
  • Step 5: Share your sentences with your people!



Left Column: Turkey

Right column: Lava


I am grateful for eating turkey this thanksgiving because lava would burn my tongue.

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